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What the client explained

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Respective Perspective

Respective Perspective
By Cécile Bérubé, PMP

Perspective:“A particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view”

What’s the relationship with PM you’ll say? Everything!
You may deliver on time and budget….yet, why are projects apparently performing well and then fail to satisfy stakeholders’ expectations?

Communicating expectations/requirements/specifications is subjective and stakeholders do their best to communicate them. However, it’s subjective and may easily get interpreted. Re-assessing expectations with an iterative approach ensures that expectations are accurate, ensuring alignment for stakeholders’ satisfaction. Having different backgrounds, experiences and expertise may introduce different perspectives, which may introduce high project risks.

What the client explained

  1. Ask. Clarify (“Why”), Re-validate. Understand. Get a holistic perspective at the beginning of the project. Assess expectations up front. Do not assume that all projects are the same. Invest early in the project.
  2. Gain trust….and perspective. Get to know the environment. Getting to know the clients’ perspective helps gain trust and understand his reality and challenges.
  3. Facilitate exchanges but do not judge or blame. Leadership qualities and communication skills are crucial in order to gain respect and collaboration from key stakeholders. Conflicts are normal, having our own respective perspectives. Resolve.
  4. Assumptions are just known unknowns! Transform the unknowns into knowns, earlier than later. Clarify system, product, project and stakeholders expectations.
  5. Facilitate but control. Use simple tools, such as short iterative follow-ups, (i.e. weekly, 15 minutes) but do not overload. Ask simple questions, speak the language, be relevant, be prepared, challenge.

#What’s your perspective, viewpoint?