90 Percent

Project management, productivity, change management, and more!


Main author, and owner

Christian Bisson, PMP
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Managing teams and projects for several years in the world of IT, Christian has developed a taste for continuous improvement and efficiency throughout his career. He will jump on any opportunity he can get his hands on when it comes to optimizing or improving tools and processes.

He’s had the chance to work on a diversity of projects ranging from websites to mobile applications, social media campaigns, interactive platforms, web games, contests, 3D production, etc.

After more than 100 projects managed so far, he started writing this blog, hoping his knowledge can help others.

Guest writer

Cécile Bérubé

Mom, chocoholic, introvert, pragmatic, sailor, gardener, cello & piano player.

Passions: Simplify, help, facilitate, improve: continuously
Allergies: Pollen, lack team work, arrogance, so-called experts, talking more than listening, listening only to reply.
Pastimes: Over 20 years in IT Operations, including for aerospace, telecomm, pharma, software, information security and banking industry.

Over 10 years of IT Management in the pharmaceutical industry, including computer system validation (21 CFR part 11auditing, IT support, change management and project management.


Marie-France Ouellon
A great big thanks to Marie-France for her work on the design, her contribution is always appreciated. Check-out her website to see more of her work.

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