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5 tips to reduce your workload

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Source: Aron123

If you read my previous article “5 signs your workload is too much“, and you recognized yourself while reading, then maybe these little tips will help you:

1. Delegate/Ask for help

Depending of your role within a team, you may or may not be able to delegate, but asking for help can do the trick. We often feel bad about asking for help, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

What’s important to remember from this tip is that chances are, you are not alone, and others can make your life easier.

2. Say no

It’s important to know when to say “no”, find out more by reading my previous article: Learn to say ‘no’

3. Negotiate delivery dates

Most of the time, people will ask for something at the last-minute, so they will feel stressed, and will try to ‘force’ a task to you. It may be justified, and it may be very important, so use your judgement, but keep in mind that it’s absolutely alright to propose an alternate time to have the work done.

Other circumstances will be that people will want to make sure to receive something before a specific date, so they will shortened the delay when asking you to do it. Again, it’s perfectly alright to propose to have it done later.

4. Track time, estimate task time, plan consequently

Sometimes, you think you have more time than you actually have, which is why you may tend to accept too much work. What can be useful, even if at first it may seem like adding more work to your plate, is to start paying attention to the time you spend on tasks, and plan your days accordingly.

Depending of your role, or your work environment, you may encounter lots or surprises or be disturbed, so always plan to have some free time, it’ll probably fill itself up. In a previous job, I used to leave half my day free because I was getting disturbed so much. It may seem horrible at first (and it was) but it made me realize the very little time I had left each day to do my work, and I was able to plan accordingly.

5. Change job

This is the last resort, but maybe where you work just isn’t right for you, or they are overworking you. It happens, and people even become sick. The more you wait, the harder it will be to change.

In conclusion

If your workload is too much, you will feel stressed or tired, you will become less productive, work will pile up even more, and you will spiral down into a vicious cycle. Be careful, take care of yourself!

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