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“What’s YOUR Teamability?”; here’s mine

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The Gabriel InstituteSeveral weeks ago, I attended a webinar hosted by The Gabriel Institute on what they call their “technology on teaming”, A.K.A. “Teamability”. To sum it up, they divide people into specific “roles” that people have in an organization. Those roles have nothing to do with what you do (which is what we are used to), but instead they are related to your personality. Furthermore, each role as a description on how to communicate with it, how to manage it, how to keep it happy, which type of job they should do, with what type of roles they should work with, etc. There are two types of report, one for the manager, one for the person.

My thoughts on the experience

It’s strange at first, but it’s a very interesting way of separating people and forming teams, rather than simply grouping people by what they do.

By attending the webinar, I got to do the test for free to find out what’s my “Teamability”. They give you 10 different stories, and for each, you have to read all 10 persons’ descriptions and check whether it fits you or not, or if people you know would think it fits you or not. You have to select one person for each option. Since they used radio buttons, it took me 5 out of 10 stories to figure out you could check two options for one person… First time I saw radio buttons for multi-selections… I actually wanted to change my answer when the 2nd radio got selected instead, and I couldn’t figure out how to remove any of them. Fortunately, the 5th option (None of the above) unselected the others.

Honestly, I thought the experience was boring, it’s a lot plain reading and no interaction, no pictures, nothing! The interface is very basic, and offers very little conviviality. While I was reading, I wished I could select a “maybe” option so that when all 10 descriptions were read, I could just review those, but I couldn’t, so you have to note on the side or try to remember.

If you add the outdated website that jammed the 10 descriptions into a small box taking only half of my screen’s height in which I had to scroll, none of it seemed appealing. What kept me going was to find out what the result was! Nevertheless, as I was going story to story, roughly knowing what to answer, I wondered if the result would be any good.

My result

After answering the 10 story, the following message was displayed:

Thank you for your time in successfully completing TGI TeamabilityTM. You may now close your browser tab/window.

I had no idea what to do next. Fortunately, I checked my emails and received one from them with the report attached (a clearer message could have been a good idea).

It seems I am a “Vision Mover“, here is part of the description:

You can be forceful and aggressive in how you approach other people. Once you are given a mission or decide upon a goal, you try to be very determined to reach that goal. Your job, as you see it, is to take a Vision and start the process of deciding how to get it done. It helps that you are an ‘idea person’. In the military, you could be the classic lieutenant, the number two person, the one who is responsible not for DOING the work but for making sure the work gets done. Your style is to try to work out best HOW it will get done and then attempt to make sure it DOES get done. Perhaps people sometimes get annoyed with you for being too ‘bossy’ but that is the way you accomplish your goals. The Vision Mover is very like the handle of a lever and the Vision is what is being moved.

As a project manager, I think this fits me quite well!

The report includes self-development suggestions, characteristics towards a team, best “role” to work with (the Vision Former for me), and other miscellaneous information.

In conclusion

The experience is boring but the report you get at the end is actually great. I was surprised that it described me very well when I wasn’t sure what to answer throughout the experience.

It seems that I get things done, and work well with someone who finds something to get done!

If you want to try it, I think the fee mentioned in the webinar was 80$ (US I presume), it may not necessarily be appropriate for a personal use, but for an organization who wants to fine-tune their team, or the people they hire, it can be interesting to try it.

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